Windows 7 Activation Key Crack Free : 32bit – 64 Bit


Cracked versions of windows software are in the line but getting a windows product genuine activation key is like a dream come true for any windows user. Well, if that belongs to the latest windows product – We are more happier. The world is searching for Windows 7 beta activation Keys. Activation keys for windows 7 beta version is now released. Just follow some simple instructions to get the windows 7beta product key.

1) Enter This Microsoft Websitewindows-7-activation key free

2) Login to the website using your windows Live User ID and password.

3) Once you are logged in copy the below URL into the address bar and hit enter.

4) Viola – Now you have your windows 7 product key (crack) for 32 bit systems.

5) For windows 7 beta product activation key for a 64 bit system, Copy the below URL into the address bar and hit enter.

6) Yo! Now you have your 64 bit windows 7 Free product activation key.

Note: If you get errors while the page loads – Just keep refreshing the page.

Though difficult to grab activation keys from the website, i have managed to pull down few windows 7 beta activation keys. Hope it helps.

Free Windows 7 activation key-64 bit



Windows 7 activation Crack keys – 32bit



You can download windows 7 beta for free – Download 32bit windows 7 beta version from Here and 64bit windows 7 beta version from Here

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